Mar del Plata

Today we travelled to Mar del Plata. Well, we left Las Grutas at 19.45 last night and travelled overnight. We arrived early in the morning. We hadn’t booked anywhere to stay so the first task was to find a hotel room and to drop off our bags. We looked at a few places and settled on the70s extravaganza that is Hotel America, at AR$80 per night it’s difficult to go wrong. That’s about 8 pounds each. This town is big and it’s full of hotels so it wouldn’t be difficult to find a room, although I don’t know what it would be like in the height of the season.

A lot of this city seems to be a throwback to the 70s, reminds me a lot of Durban when I was growing up (although of course that was later).

I’m not really sure what I think of Mar del Plata, after the peace and quiet of Las Grutas it’s quite a shock to the system to be back in a big city. The beaches also seem quite dirty and really busy (and it’s only October). I don’t think we’ll stick around too long and are probably going to head up the coast tomorrow to try and find a smaller beach to spend the next couple of days before heading back to BsAs.