Mar del Plata part two

Okay, so I was chatting to Justin in Sydney and thinking more about Mar del Plata. It reminds me of Durban city, the whole beachfront area in the 80s. It has the kind of “once was” feel to it. A place that used to be the place to go on holiday (and goodness, the Vaalies sure used to), but perhaps now passed over for Umhlanga or Cape Town (for those who can afford it).

Apparently the Peron’s poured loads of money into Mar del Plata to create a resort suitable for the working classes. I suspect also that until recently this city has seen steady decline as tourists opted for overseas travel only to see a resurgence of popularity after the devaluation of the peso when local travel became the only option for many. It’s fascinating to see the layers of the city and to think of it in those terms.