Lazy days and Mondays, let’s brunch, darling

It’s been a lazy weekend.

We went to Sitges on Sunday night to watch the karaoke! We hadn’t been for a while and it was nice to be in familiar surroundings. Matius, the waiter, seemed pleased to see us. Usually on a Sunday night once the karaoke/show is over everyone leaves within a matter of minutes, not last night. I guess because Monday is a public holiday everyone was in a festive mood and we were the ones leaving as soon as the show was over, mainly on account of the big night the night before. It was a nice way to relax and enjoy the evening and not too hectic.

This weekend has certainly been all about brunch. Chris discovered this fabulous little place a few blocks from our flat and we went there for brunch this morning. It’s called Natural Deli and is @ Laprida 1672 and there is also one in Las Canitas @ Gorostiaga 1776. It’s a café and an organic food store. Frightfully sophisticated and chilled out, super designed and with a menu to match. The walls are decorated with stunning photographs of every subject you can think of and the salads looked to be possibly the best in Buenos Aires. I had the scrambled eggs and Chris a chicken sandwich but from the look of the other dishes being served I suspect we ordered possibly the two least exciting items. As with all “venues” in BsAs, relaxing it almost a requirement with wifi and papers available. I can certainly see myself visiting this place again and again. Next time I’ll have my camera with me.

Natural Deli, Laprida 1672