BsAs is great

These past few days have felt like a sneaky treat in BsAs. We will have been in town for a total of one and a half days between little trips. We head off to Rio this afternoon. Although being away is great, I think being back is even better. This city rocks.

Yesterday was a typical day for me, internet in the morning, catching up on emails etc, then a stroll in the afternoon. I went to the Museo Xul Solar. I'd been meaning to go for a while. Sadly (and not so sadly), the best thing was the building that houses the exhibition. It's an original fronted house but with an excruciatingly modern interior, although it's quite messy. Hard concrete slabs everywhere and slick polished floors. Somehow it doesn't appear to have the design precision one comes to expect from buildings of this nature. Stairs end when they shouldn't, bits of the exhibition seem inaccessible. It all matches his work.

In the afternoon, after a snooze, Chris and I went to Jisca and Styjn's apartment for a BBQ. They are leaving on Saturday and it was our last chance to say goodbye. We had a great time. It was lovely. They have the most amazing time. We saw some people we already knew and met some new ones.

It does make me giggle though, and no offence to any Scandanavians, but it seems that wherever I go in the world and meet Scandanavian women they are always studying human rights, gender studies or international development - and they're so earnest about it.

I also met a new American kid (well student, they're all so young) and it was kind of fun pointing out the Obama probably wasn't going to win the egg-and-spoon race next week. Although of course I don't really know enough to have an informed opinion, I think he knew I was joking! A fun night.

Now I have an hour to shower, pack and head out to EZEIZA for the flight to Rio. The weather is forecast to be wet and grey! Must be God punishing me for tormenting the poor American Boy last night (she has a wretched temper - God, not Estelle that is)


Justin said…
For the sake of all of us Obama must win. But as we near the election the margin gets smaller and smaller.