A bike ride

Today we went on a bike ride. It was organised by the exceptionally glamorous activities coordinator at our school, Ceclia. We met at the school and took the Subte down to Plaza de Mayo. A short walk across to Puerta Madero and to the edge of the nature reserve behind it. It was peculiar that a short stroll from the heaving dense city is the reserve. It kind of forms a buffer between the Rio de la Plata (the river) and the city. When you’re in BA you wouldn’t even know it was built in a river unless you looked at a map.

We all hired bikes, AR$8 per hour and rode around for two hours, stopping for Choripans along the way. Choripans are basically hotdogs made with fat Choriza sausages. The Choriza here is slightly different from the stuff you get in Europe is that it’s kind of fatter and less dense, more fatty I would have thought. They are delicious. And for the huge sum of 60p!
During the ride we went into the nature reserve and rode along the river, apparently on a clear day you can see Colonia in Uruguay – although I somehow suspect a clear day is not that common. From the reserve you get a great view of the city and you’re surrounded by marshes, trees and birds. It was a bit surreal at one point to think the city was so nearby.
About 15 students came and it was a very social way to spend the afternoon. It’s all very flat so the ride wasn’t too strenuous, although I suspect my legs will be aching tomorrow! The lovely Norwegian girls from our class came and we met some of the other students from the school too.

After the ride we went to buy some linen – the sheets in the apartment leave a lot to be desired and we thought we’d treat ourselves. I wanted a duvet and a duvet cover. It wasn’t easy to find so I settled on a set of pillow cases, fitted sheets and a top sheet – and a blanket (it’s warming up). Hopefully I’ll sleep well.


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