Beaches and Caves

We spent the last two days in Las Gutas (The Caves) and it’s been fabulous. It’s a strange town, clearly it gets very busy in the season but at the moment it’s completely dead. It’s strange because the town seems to be gearing itself up for the onslaught of local tourists. There are so many restaurants, hotels and shops but they are all closed. We only found a handful of really small restaurants open and only a couple shops. I can’t imagine what it’s like in a couple of months, the town must swell to three times its size. Nonetheless I have loved being here, really nice and quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Today we took a stroll, sat by the pool, sat on the beach, strolled some more… and that was about it.

We are catching a bus tonight to Mar del Plata which is about 8 hours away, an overnight so I’m hoping to sleep.
You’ll have noticed some problems with my blog posting, I’m really not sure what the problem is. Posts only seem to appear a whole day later. I’m trying to fix it but am also trying not to spend all day on the Internet. In fact, I’m trying to spend the minimum amount of time possible online so it might have to stay like that until I get back to BsAs.