Week two of Spanish

We started week two of Spanish today... it didn’t go too well. I think not going out much in Sunday didn’t help, I seem to have forgotten a lot of what we learnt last week. I’m hoping it will come back to me before the test at the end of the week. Who knows. I’m not really sure what happens if I fail (a definite possibility), I don’t really want to repeat the bits I have done already. Problem is, I get the technicalities but it just doesn’t come easily. We’ll see. Perhaps I need to find the money for private lessons!

After school I was determined not to have another week like last were I don’t do anything unique to Argentina. Last week it felt like our time here had moved to a new phase which pretty much only consisted of Spanish and the stress related. So, Chris and I had lunch at Mott in Palermo and then I went for a stroll. I wanted to photograph the Garage Guido building I had seen last week. I didn’t have my camera at the time so I noted down the address and went there again. I had also intended to visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes but it is closed on Mondays. I’ll try that again later in the week. I walked miles again this afternoon! All over Recoleta.

Tomorrow night we are going to dinner with the whole class. We’re heading up to Las Canitas for a traditional Argentine Restaurant. I’m worried, some of our class mates seem to like the sweetbreads and offal based meats! I’m not sure I can manage that... give me a nice steak any day!


Rachel Paiste said…
hi andrew,
saw you on ba expats, fig'd id respond here.
i am in a very similar situation to you....left npr to come here for a time.

drop a line when you get a chance! (rachelpaiste@gmail.com)
OneTrickPony said…
Go on, Andrew, give sweetbreads a try (if you haven't already done so). They really are one of the most accessible types of offal, without any of the strong flavours or bizarre textures that put people off trying the other, more adventurous, cuts.