This is why

I had a moment today. I was in a cab and for some reason found the whole experience of being here sensational. Everything I saw out of the window delighted. Nothing unusual happened but I just love being here.

After school today (which was less stressful than normal) I went to visit Maxi, which is always pleasant. We met at Plaza San Martin which is a big square (French designed ) and intended to celebrate Argentine independence hero José de San Martin. It’s a very impressive public space mainly because it’s is elevated (very rare for what is a predominantly flat city. The famous Kavanagh Building borders the square and you have views down to Retiro Station.
While I was waiting for Maxi, I snapped this geezer, possibly the campest way to hold a pistol, but there you have it.

I also like this pic... we all need to straddle a bird now and again.