Last night we went out with some of the people Vlad has met at school and some of their friends. Despite my reservations about dining at a big table full of expats (mainly American) it was a fun night. We ate steak – obviously.

After dinner we all went to a place called Confiteria Ideal to watch some tango. Again I wasn’t really that interested but I have to say it was amazing. The place is really old and it felt like we were stepping back in time. You pay AR$25 downstairs and head up to the dance room on the first floor. It’s a grand old building, dusty and heavy with ancient atmosphere.
Upstairs is a large room with a dance floor surrounded by tables and chairs. Dancing was a group of folk, most of whom looked like they had been there for years. It’s a difficult experience to describe but it was truly amazing to sit and watch the old folk doing their stuff.
Later in the evening (and I mean later, around 12.00) the band arrived and played music for the dancers. A great night out.

It did of course mean we only got to bed really late, getting up for school this morning was a challenge, eclipsed only by sitting in class for 4 hours. Desperately trying to keep awake and to take it all in.
Tonight the school has arranged a social gathering at a bar but as we had a late night I think I might give it a miss and try get some studying done instead.


Justin said…
Confiteria Ideal sounds perfect for a video session ... to give us all an impression of what it looks like.

Sounds truly authentic and yet startling at the same time.

Jus xo

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