We had the most delicious steaks on Wednesday night. I already posted about our trip to San Telmo for dinner. There were about AR$37 each in quite a shi shi restaurant but delicious. Today we tried to buy some steaks in a supermarket. We went to a huge COTO behind the Children's Hospital (one of our local landmarks).

Pre-packaged meat in a supermarket is quite challenging. The Argentines do very little to make it look pretty. Huge slabs of flesh, bloody, fatty and unidentifiable all mixed with trays of offal - intestines, tripe and brain. We were struggling to find pieces of meat we (in our London M&S spoilt sensibility) could buy.

Then we saw a lady at the butcher counter. The butcher was slicing thick juicy steaks from what I think was a sirloin. The guy didn't speak English, and we don't speak Spanish (yet) - so I wasn't able to ask what cut it was, but did manage to get him to slice us two extraordinary looking pieces of meat. AR$6 later (that's ONE POUND) we have dinner sorted. BTW, a pack of chicken breasts was AR$20 - this is truly the land of beef.

I also bought some chimichurri sauce which I understand is a spicy curry flavoured salsa compulsory at every Argentine asado (Barbecue).