Spanish and stuff

I’m really looking forward to my Spanish lessons starting on Monday. Although it’s been fun mooching about the place, I’ve learnt that it is very easy to fall into a pattern or being really lazy first thing in the morning and only making out of the apartment at 13.00. By then I could have done 4 hours of Spanish. Also, it will be great to meet some more people. At the moment the only people I speak to are Vlad, Chris and waiters! And those conversations are quite limited! He He, only kidding but you know what I mean.

It looks like Vlad is enjoying his classes, he started a week earlier. Not only is he enjoying “being back at school” but he’s also made some new friends... well he was out for dinner with some folk last night and has gone to birthday drinks tonight. I’ll be able to find out more when I see him later... we are going to a local parilla for dinner. Hopefully I’ll also be able to meet some new people once we start lessons.

Also, I need to get my Spanish learning going. I’ve been doing some home revision in advance of tomorrow, focussing on regular verbs. Tonight I’ll tackle some irregular ones. Exciting? You bet!