Last night we ventured out. We decided to go straight to Sitges, this bar at 4119 Cordoba. We left home at 22.30 and took a 10 minute cab ride. The bar hadn’t opened. Now, I know things happen late here but sooo late. So we strolled up Cordoba and waited until 23.00 when the bar opened. Talk about desperate. It remained empty for a little while and then filled up quite quickly. I think next time we will aim to not get there before 24.00. Yikes! I can see lots of daytime naps ahead.

The bar was nice, it’s kind of like a gay Sports Bar although of course they don’t show sport, only music videos and other visual montages. Beer was cheap, well the local beer, Quilmes. We paid AR$30 (5 English Pounds) for three and AR$45 (8 Pounds) for three vodkas. Not bad. We were home by about 02.00. We considered going to a club but decided we’d leave that for another day.