School Day Two

Yowzer, is this the life of leisure I was promised? Two days of lessons and I’m knackerd! It’s only 4 hours a day but gosh it’s intense. At the moment we’re still recapping and any hope I had of things slowing down today were not realised... pacey pacey pacey. I’m not sure at what point she’ll bring it back to a pace that means I’ll retain anything! It’s almost funny. Still good fun though.

I’m finding I have to do quite a bit of work at home to recap what we’ve learnt before the next lesson. Although I'm finding it quite stressful, I am enjoying it. We did a lot of talking today which was cool. The "party" is def over though, no going out during the week I don't imagine!

After school we came home and had lunch. I’m heading out to meet a friend shortly, Maxi, the guy I met last week. Should be good. I might try and get him to speak Spanish to me a bit to me, or at least let me do that to him!

We’re having glorious sunny weather at the moment, I hope it stays like this.


Justin said…
Immersion is the best way to learn. The trick I believe is to start *thinking* in Spanish ... and then you'll be more than halfway there.

Jus xo