Had a VERY lazy Saturday and only made it out of the apartment for a couple hours! Woke up late and relaxed most of the day.

In the evening Chris and I fancied a quiet dinner so we popped to Bar 6, which is one of my favourite local places for a quick bite. The waiter recognised us from last time and was very friendly. That seems to be happening in quite a few places now which is nice... feels homely or something. We had steak (of course - although I hasten to add that we don't ALWAYS have steak and it's more the exception, we had pizza on Friday night!) and shared a bottle of our new favourite wine, Don David Malbec which I now understand you can buy in the UK here

So the UK government is nationalising Bradford and Bingley? What a shock! I guess we've already sold out souls to the dangers of free markets and now we must pay the price.