Considering the Friday night we’d had out Saturday was quite mellow. We all popped to Palermo Viejo for lunch. We went to a stunning little place called Quimbob√≥ @ Costa Rica 4562. When I say little, it was actually huge but its layout is such that each space feels quite small and intimate, all on different levels. We sat on the terrace (terazza) in the glorious sunshine with a stunning view over the square. It was terribly LA, darling!

I had the “zucchini”risotto, Chris and Vlad had chicken and guacamole sandwiches. Of all the places we’ve been since we got here I think this place was the most vegetarian friendly with quite a broad range of meat free food (quite a rarity in this town). The restaurant is in a building that also houses a beauty spa offering massages and yoga.

The interior of the building is beautiful and simple, all completed with poured and polished concrete. Really stunning.

Quimbombó, Costa Rica 4562