Out and About

Sunday night is a big “going out” night in BA. On Sunday we went to Sitges again, we wanted to see the drag queen. We went for dinner first at a little restaurant in Palermo. We were aiming for a restaurant that Chris and I enjoyed last time we were here, Bar 6 on Armenia. It’s closed down for what appears to be some major fumigation and rodent management! I’m not sure we’d still go there for dinner, even if it did open again. A shame though, it was lovely.

The restaurant we chose was just down the road and we all had noodles. I had tofu, Vlad had beef and Chris had chicken. All good. We had a bottle of Malbec that we didn’t really care for. I need to find out more about Argentine wine.

After dinner we went to Sitges again. We wanted to see the drag queens. This time we might actually have been a little late... all the tables were taken and the “show” (karaoke) had started already. We stayed there for a few hours before heading to the club Amerika, which was loads of fun. We seldom went clubbing in London so I don’t imagine we’ll be doing much of it here, but it was good to see.

Something I’ve noticed is that people drink very lightly here. Even at 03.00 in the morning in the club everyone was fairly together and well behaved... so not like London then. It was a fun night.