One Night in Frankfurt and Leaving London

Vlad, CMC and I ventured out into Frankfurt last night, briefly. We had dinner at a quaint little restaurant called Fraggle. We were served by a charming little lesbian lady who was very sweet and funny. The restaurant was cool and came complete with a tranny dining alone. After that we went to a couple bars and had a few drinks, nothing too heavy. We were back at the hotel by 11.

When we were winding up the last few details and getting ready to leave London, something struck me. I was suddenly aware of how much I'm going to miss people and my life there. And it's mainly for this reason: day to day you aren't aware of the narrative components to your life and your friends' but when you disrupt your life and prepare to leave you are suddenly aware of what you're going to miss. And it's not the day to day seeing of people but they continued involvement in their life narrative. It sounds a bit wanky and I don't know how else to describe it.