A new favourite

Moving to a new city is so much about discovery. Finding your new favourite restaurant, laundry, park, building everything. Well, I have a new favourite coffee shop. It's called Shemesh. Originally I thought it sounded a little lesbian feminist but having had a closer look (on wikipedia), Shemesh is actually a city in Isreal's Jerusalem district. Well, who would have thought.

Of course I have no way of knowing whether this little coffee spot gem is actually named after a city in Jerusalem or a lesbian feminsist sensibility. All I can confirm is that it's a great place to pass the time, people watching, drinking or surfing the free wi-fi. The staff are great and friendly and the submarinos are heaven. I had two today.

The actual venue is a little down at heal but it doesn't matter, the chilled out atmosphere and the friendly manager more than make up for it.

Shemesh.  Junin y French (Junin 1350)