Lunch of lentils - Gastronomia Argentina

Another slow day today. Wandered about the place, forgot to take a map out with me so I stuck to the main roads only - although I am beginning to familiarise myself with the local neighbourhood at least. This city is remarkably easy to navigate, with the grid structure and a few key main roads (Avenida Santa Fe, Coronel Diaz, Cordoba, 9 de Julio and Pueyyredon) it’s always quite easy to figure out where you are.

I met Chris later for a quick lunch. We met at a place called 1810 (the year independence from Spain was declared, originally two nations: The United Provinces of South America and Liga Federal).

It’s full name was actually 1810 Cocina Regional (Regional Cooking), so the dishes were all Argentine and certainly very interesting. There were loads of delightful sounding empanadas (tiny pie) and even more exciting sounding main dishes (mainly stews and more stews). We passed on the little empandas and we went straight to the main dishes. I had lentejas (curiously lentils!! He He) and Chris has de Locro. They were both basically a broth or stew. Mine was made of lentils (obviously) and pieces of bacon and sausage, totally delicious, although it had the essence of Koo tinned hotdog sausages. I loved it.

The dish that Chris ordered (de Locro) was also nice, but not as “meaty” - apparently it's the national dish made of . I’m keen to go back and try something else. It was also relatively cheaper with lunch costing AR$47 (9 pounds).

1810 Cocina Argentina - Julian Alvarez 1998 (near Guatalama)