Learning Spanish

I’ll be honest, the language isn’t coming on too well! Admittedly we haven’t started lessons yet but I’m beginning to wonder what we learnt in London. Nothing (and I mean nothing) is coming back to me. Okay, so it’s not that disasterous but it is pretty bad.
When out and about, it’s often easier to rely on hand gestures and the English spoken by the locals rather than try to speak Spanish myself. Vlad is much more advanced and I often find myself relying on him in communication “emergencies” too. I need to break out of that habit - I’m not going to learn if I don’t force myself to give it a go. I’m also hoping that when we start lessons the more formal learning environment will help bring back what I’ve learnt already and it won’t all have been in vain. It is fairly depressing at the moment.


Justin said…
Do you listen to the radio? I used to find when I visited my grandparents in Spain that listening to the radio was a good way of tuning the ear in to the local accent and the lingo. Once you start speaking you'll find it addictive. Jus xo