A late night out

So we went out on Friday night, again! This time we tried to find different venues so we did a little bar crawl to places around here. We started very late and went to 4 different places. The venues ranged in “quality” considerably but had potential.

One place we went to was called Cero Consecuencia, it was very local in flavour. Quite basic but dirt cheap and very friendly. Sadly it wasn’t very busy so we didn’t stay very long. It was amusing though, I ordered two beers and a vodka 7UP. They didn’t have small beers so Vlad and I shared a litre bottle of Quilmes (local beer) drunk from plastic disposable cups - classy.
At first the waiter hadn’t heard me order the vodka for Chris and was just giving me 7UP, when I corrected him he made the adjustment to the bill –adding a whole extra Peso! The 7UP was 6 times more expensive that the Vodka!

Later in the night we went to Amerika – a huge mega club. It’s the same place we went to last time, I’m not sure why being a foreign city means we go clubbing but there you have it. We tried to go to a different place, Glam, but when we got there we were told that Friday night is Solo Chicas (Girls Only)! So we ended up at Amerika again. It was fun, it was a slightly different crowd from the previous visit and we did end up having a chat to some girls that were there. It was good to meet some more locals. All very friendly.

By this time dawn was approaching. We had only gone out at around 11!. It was light by the time I went to bed! Although it was fun I think I’ll restrict big nights like that to the occasional... I don’t have the stamina I’m afraid!