Honest taxista

This is place of extremes. There are tales of pick pockets and the occasional muggings, as is common for most major cities, particularly when there is widespread poverty but there are also examples of profound honesty and a sense of justice. Here are two:

(1) I was in a cab on Tuesday, I had just jumped in when the cab turned down a road that was blocked. The taxista was surprised and seemed a bit annoyed. But before going any further he turned off the meter and left it off until he was back heading in the right direction and apologised for the delay! It saved me less than a peso but it was pretty cool.

(2) Beggars and street vendors are treated with so much respect here. I think I’ve posted about this before but it’s worth revisiting. When on the Subte there are occasional beggars, mainly children and old ladies wandering about. There method is unique though. They pass through the train handing out brief notes detailing their plight and request. A few minutes later they return to collect the notes and any money. There is absolutely no pressure to give them anything and they treat the passengers with respect who do the same in return. Everybody takes the note, everyone from business men to glamorous ladies. No on refuses it, not many seem to make donations either but it’s all very civilised.

Vendors are similar. On the subte the pass through the carriages laying their goods (pens, hairclips etc) on people’s laps. They then return to collect the goods and hopefully make a sale. Again, there is no pressure to buy and no one seems to mind holding on to the item until the guy selling them returns.


Justin said…
Yes, very civilised as you say.

Jus xo

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