It's our last Friday before our classes start! We start on Monday. We'll be doing four hours every morning for 4 weeks. Then probably more after that too. I am quite looking forward to having a bit of structure to the day, we start at 9am so we'll still have lots of the day left over for fun.

Today Chris and I went for lunch in Palermo. We found a divine little deli-like place called a 'Manger. It was sensational, the perfect lunch spot. The front of the place is flled with all sorts of delicious treats like cured meats, tapas-ey type things, olives, cheeses etc. At the back they have a tiny dining room where you can eat. It was delicious. We both had baguettes - delicious. It was at Charcas 4001.

After dinner I went to meet Maxi for tea. We have a mutual friend and I was introduced to him via an email by Ray in New York. It turns out I'd met him before, when we were here before - the time we met Ray. It was a very pleasant meeting indeed. We drank tea and chatted. It was good to finally meet a real local. His English is also excellent so conversation is easy. We met in Puerta Madera.