Friday Night

Vlad, Chris and I went out on Friday night. We ate at home (Chris and I had our aforementioned steaks ) and we headed out at 11.30. It’s madness. I had a nap before going out and asked Chris to wake me at 11. 11! To go out! Seems insane, but I’m getting used to it and have learnt to appreciate the total darkness provided but the shutters in the bedroom.

Anyway, we went to the bar Sitges again, it’s a fairly relaxed and familiar place. We got to the door and the doorman said it was an “open bar” where we pay an admission charge and then drinks are free thereafter. We braced ourselves for the cost of entry. AR$15! That’s less than THREE English Pounds! We couldn’t believe it. There was quite an extensive range of drinks offering beer, spirits and cocktails. What a cheap night out! People seemed to drink more last night, when it’s that’s cheap seems almost rude not too.

At the bar we seemed to attract all the other English speaking people. Like moths to a flame they slowly but surely started talking to us until we were one of the larger groups in the bar, isolated from everyone else (everyone real) having to make polite conversation with dull Americans. We need to come up with a plan to avoid that sort of thing happening again.

The first English guy was this vile American from Missouri, we nicknamed him Corky because he reminded us of the film, Waiting for Guffman. Anyway, he turned out to be a raving racists and seemed overly concerned about how dirty BA is. He’d been in the city 24 hours. He was trying to persuade us to go to the Antiques market the next day with him, we dodged that bullet.

The next American was this insanely camp little queen, very young and very mincey. His opening line, “I’m half asian and I’ve got a lot of ass!”. He then told us how much he admired that Palin pig-lady and how immigration was destroying America... despite his obvious foreign origins.
Oi vey, I need to learn some Spanish and FAST.


Justin said…
Oy! Yes it sounds terrible to have all the *nasty* English/American speakers descending upon you. Perhaps it is time to speak Afrikaans in public, or something to cloak your flawless English :-)

Jus xo