Flea Market

We went to Palermo Viejo today. We had planned to find a nice quiet café to have a drink and use the WiFi. It was packed. It's a sleepy part of town during the week but today (Saturday) it was heaving. There was a flea market on and around Serrano Square. Quite a good one, if you're into that sort of thing. Quite craft based.

I bought a Mate. Which is a little pot used to serve Mate Tea. I'd bought some Yerba Mate at the supermarket and am keen to try it. The pot is "curing" at the moment, tomorrow I'll be able to have a brew and will let you know.

We had a VERY late lunch (last night was late) at a restaurant called Cluny. It looked like a fab place for dinner so we'll have to head back some time and see what it's like. There is certainly no shortage of fabulous restaurants in this town.

One the way back we stopped at a little bakery. Argentines are famous for their sweet tooth. Or is that their sweet teeth? Anyway, they like things sweet. Their little media lunas (small croissants) are sweet, although I've just discovered that you also get a more savouray variety if you ask. These little bakeries are everywhere and are amazing with so much stock. We grabbed a few little items and paid the lady... AR$6.85. So another bargain.


Justin said…
I do love a good panaderia.

Jus xo