First Monday in the City

Today is the first proper working day of our adventure in BA! The city is totally different. Very *alive* and energetic. Also, the sun came out and shone all day so that helped. It’s been a lovely day.

This morning after breakfast we headed across to the laundry and then to the mobile phone shop (Claro) to get SIM cards and to the small supermercado to get a few more supplies.

This afternoon we decided to go do a bit more exploring, Vlad came with us. We caught the Subte to 9 de Julio to go and by tickets for the BA Madonna concert on Corrientes. The queue was unreal so we decided not to wait. We then strolled down Florida (main shopping drag – very busy indeed) and down to Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada. There was some protest underway, as there always seems to be. Leaving the Plaza we walked past some quite intense crowd control vehicles, water cannons and the like. Nice.

Our main objective was to make it to San Telmo, an area that has been suggested as a possible place to move to when we move out of this flat, so we strolled down La Defensa – the sight of a battle with invading British in 1807.

San Telmo is a very short stroll from the Plaza. It’s fab down there. Very different to Palermo, nice markets and a bohemian vibe. All very pleasant indeed. We’ll need to have a think about whether we want to move down there. It has less facilities (shops) than Palermo, but might be better in the long term.

Subte back (rush hour... packed like London), popped in to pick up the laundry and a quiet night in tonight, I suspect.