Dumb and Dumber

Well it had to happen at some point. I was ALMOST victim to a relatively harmless crime. After my ramblings about how great and friendly I’ve found the Argentines, some fuckers tried to steal my wallet this afternoon. It’s a common modus operandi and I was a bit slow to realise, but caught on just in time.

I was strolling down Arenales in Recoleta (as you do on a glorious Spring day) when I felt something land on my back. I thought a mischievous bird had pooped on me - it's a very spring time thing to happen. Some dude came running up and was offering to try and wipe it off. I was saying not to worry as my apartment was nearby (in Spanish)... he continued to wipe me down...then his friend came and was also “trying to help”. Then it dawned on me so I checked and noticed that my wallet was missing! I grabbed the first guys arms and pushed him away and noticed my wallet was on the floor next to his foot as he tried to kick it away. I bent down, picked it up and walked away.

These things are going to happen in a big city and to be honest I was a bit slow in not realising what was happening earlier. The whole incident only took about 2 minutes and at no time did I feel threatened or in any danger. The “perps” were two old guys! I’ll just be annoyed if my clothes are ruined, I think it was mud that they slung at me.

When I got in I ran across to the Lavadero to ask the lady if she could do anything. I tried to say that some stupid man (hombre tonto) had thrown something at me but instead I used the word “tinto” which means wine or dye. She very concerned about that. Anyway, she sprung into action like a laundry superhero and was scrubbing the stains before I could even offer her my name. I’m to return at 18.00 to pick up my shirt and jacket.

Let’s hope that’s the extent of my run in with the Buenos Aires criminal element!


Justin said…
Ah yes! The terrible hombre tinto as opposed to the vexing hombre tonto.

Your laundry superwoman sounds charming!

Jus xo

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