D D D Drag queens

Last night we went out. We went down to San Telmo for dinner, we wanted to check it out at night. Vlad has booked an apartment for the rest of his time here in San Telmo. I think Chris and I are going to stay this end of the city. It’s more us I think.

We went to a restaurant called Nacional and had the most divine steaks ever. You know, the kind that melt in the mouth... delicious. We also had some fierce cocktails. I had a Margarita, Chris and Vlad had Mojitos. People hardly seem to drink here, but when they pour drinks they are strong.

After dinner we decided to try out a few bars. Back in a taxi (20 pesos) and into Recoleta. The first bar we went to was totally empty, but we had a drink (out of guilt). The bartended then told us that we had to go elsewhere as their bar was never going to get busy. It’s not a Wednesday venue apparently. Not sure why they were open. So we headed to Codiga Search.

There was a drag queen on at 12.30, although they only came on at about 1.30. The show was good... usually drag fare. She talked so fast, it was unreal. All was going well until she decided to pick on us, starting with me! I suspect the jokes were around the fact that we were foreign as once she’d established that we were from overseas she shoved the microphone into my face for a response. It had the potential to be excruciating but actually it was fairly friendly so no damage done. I suspect that minus the cocktail earlier and the vodka I wouldn’t have coped quite so well.

Yesterday I walked and walked. I covered 17km! After lunch with Chris I walked all the way to Retiro station, it was amazing. I wanted to check out the building. Then I went shopping or a few bits and pieces.

Today we’re checking out a few more potential flat locations. Buenos Aires is LOUD and we are hoping to avoid any main streets!


Justin said…
Possum you'll have to learn a few choice phrases in Spanish so you can hold your own with BA's finest drag queens! Jus xo