Avenida Santa Fe

Chris and I popped out this evening to Avenida Santa Fe to try and get my local SIM card working. Ridiculously I’m having trouble with it! I thought I’d left my mobile jinxing behind me in the UK. We popped to the Claro store but it was too busy so we left (why queue when you have all the time in the world?) and strolled up to Alto Palermo Mall for a quick look. It seems fairly nice, standard mall I guess.
Avenida Santa Fe is a huge shopping street and it was packed. This was about 19.00 so everyone was hurrying about the place, shopping and making their way home. It was very energetic and very exciting, felt like a real urban scene.


Justin said…
Could one go phoneless? Jus xo
Raúl y Pablo said…
me gusta t blog lo visito a diario visita tu el mio y si t gusta deja un comentario y nos enlazamos los blogs
Andrew Owen said…
Justin,I guess I could do but I'd quite like a local on in case of emergencies!