Will the glamour never end?

It's been a busy weekend. It's officially our last in London and we're "making the most of it".

Friday night was dinner on the South Bank with Chris' colleague Evelyn and Fiona.

On Saturday we drove to Cardiff to see the opening night of Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour. We drove up and down in one day. The concert was great - really fun. We went with Fiona and Pauline who were superb company. Madge looked great although we couldn't help but make jokes about her robot like physique. Great thighs. I particularly enjoyed the Keith Haring inspired video work for Into the Groove, very cool indeed.

The drive back was a challenge. We were so tired, poor Chris had to do all the driving as he was the only one insured. It was a challenge to keep awake, but we made it!

The last night was our official "leaving party". We did the usual and went to The Friendly Society, which was very friendly indeed. Great laughs. We *did* go to Trash Palace afterwards, but that place is so OVAH! He He. Oddly, we've been saying that the last 4 times we've gone but we keep going. It's sad in a way, used to be such a fab venue but now it's really bad... Good thing I'm leaving the country.

Today... hmmm, last day in London. I have a craving for Wagamama and I'm meeting Sandra later. Will have to take it easy.