Well, would you take a look at this pretty lady

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Out and about in Soho last night, were due to go to the Trannie Olympics in East London, but we didn't in the end. No worries, got to meet this darling at Escape in Soho. She was (and I hate to use the word) FIERCE. Fun night out with Richard, Fiona and CMC.

We did a minor trawl, Richard and I met at Escape at 19.30. It was empty, like totally empty. So we headed to The Village (ain't been there in a while)... when Fiona and CMC arrived (after watching The Dark Knight - oh I know) we went back to Escape, slightly busier... then on to The Friendly Society... we always end up there it seems.

THEN, back to Escape ... oi vey. Ended the evening with some delicious and HUGE sandwiches from Bar Italia... bus home. Fun night.