a weekend "homeless"

It's a strange feeling, not being able to "go home". We have finally moved out of the flat and are staying with friends, a fact I keep finding myself forgetting - albeit only for a moment. Thinking about when to go home. We're at PJs now and will be until Friday.

This weekend was quite busy, after the madness of the tail end of last week it's good to be able to do things just for fun again rather than chores and tasks. On Friday night Chris and I went out with PJ and Anne for a delicious curry in London's East End. It was fabulous... really hit the spot. Then on Saturday it was Brighton Pride. We went down in the morning with Fiona and watched some of the parade and wandered around the park for a while. Then headed down to the Pier to get some biltong (the best biltong sold in the UK, IMHO). The glamorous South African lady that usually works there was not there when we visited, which was a bit of a disappointment. The biltong was delicious though. I think I ate most of it.

After a snooze on the train up we went to Vlad's house where he was having a small belated birthday party. It was great fun, although I drank way too much and suffered today! Good party though.

This evening I've been researching Spanish lessons in BA and other general internet goodies.

Tomorrow I start my third last week at work. I'm anticipating the weeks to fly by and we'll be up in Scotland before we know it.

My favourite pic from Brighton Pride. Endless glamour.