Just been reading about the reforms that Hugo Chavez has been implementing in Venezuela. They seem quite radical when applied all at once and have obviously attracted the full spectrum of comment. I'm certainly not familiar with Venezuelan politics or economics but it seems like an interesting development.

The new laws includes measures which would set up neighbourhood-based militias, move the country towards a socialist economy and increase state control over agriculture.

The reforms seem to be aimed at delivering two things: economic socialist reform and greater control to the centralised government. My only concern is around the apparent intensification of military control that Chavez seems to be implementing. Optimistically one hopes that he views it as a necessary step in delivering his 21c socialist vision and not a step towards state control of personal freedoms.

Business is obviously expressing concern at the reforms, but then they would.

Also spotted this today: Chavez offers Santander $1.2 bln for bank: reports

Santander is reported to be considering the offer to buy their local interests in the government's bid to nationalise the country's largest bank. This follows several years of widespread nationalisation of local industry by the Socialist government.


Quickroute said…
There was an interesting new report just before Cristina got elected president about Chavez sending her US$800K in a briefcase for her "campaign fund"
Andrew Owen said…
That is interesting.