Harry Benson

It only just hit me today. I've finished work! Although it feels like I'm on holiday... I'm not really. Well a really long one at least. I went for a stroll this afternoon and was heading home, thinking about how to spend the evening when I realised it didn't matter. Not because I need an early night but mainly because I'm under no pressure to "make the most" of my time. I have 9 months to do that.

This afternoon I went to the Harry Benson exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. I have to confess I knew very little of his work before we went but was impressed by the extraordinary range of his photographs. From celebrity to war photographs, he seems to have done it all. His celebs shots, IMHO, are a little lacklustre, often a bit mundane by today's standards but I can imagine that 30 years ago they made a splash.


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