Gathering Momentum

It's not long now… one more week in London, a week in Glasgow and then we leave for BA! It's getting terribly exciting.

This weekend has been hectic and I suspect it will only get worse. On Friday night I had to move from Jason's house in King's Cross to Fiona's in Wimpole Street. Not very far indeed. Chris couldn't help as he was having his work leaving do in Southwark. I struggled to get a cab and when I eventually did get one we were stuck in traffic. I was getting a wee but stressed as I had to get to Fiona's by a certain time to meet her flatmate and get the keys etc. Anyway, eventually I had to jump out of the cab and fight my way through the Tube (during rush our). Oi vey!

After settling in at Fiona's I went out for a drink with an old friend from primary school. 'twas fun. Saturday night we went out with a couple of friends at a new restaurant in Clerkenwell, followed by a few drinks. Sunday was Soho Pride. Although I had reservations about going, we went anyway and I ended up drinking a bit too much, feeling slightly worse for wear this morning.


OneTrickPony said…
Hmmm and what happened to you at Soho Pride? You certainly didn't come to Soho Square to find me. I briefly considered going to look for you... but they I went to the bar instead. As you do.