Friday night in Glasgow

Chris and I ventured into Glasgow last night. We went to a bunch of bars.

Starting at Revolver in John Street. We've been there before but realised last night that when we *loved* it last time it was after a night of trawling around a series of desperate bars looking for "the one" and ending up there very late and very drunk. It wasn't so charming at 20.30! So we looked further afield. Now, last time we went out in Glasgow we struggled to find any bars that were not full of twinks or malnourished queens dancing to bad pop with their chubby fag hags. Things seems to have changed, we found several "new" bars. They all seemed fine and pleasant and then it dawned on us, they all had the same feel and finish. It's like someone has suddenly decided to invest a bunch of money into gay bars in Glasgow. They were all immaculately finished and well run but tragically all lacked any character. The venues (Speak Easy, The Lounge and Delmonicas) were all very busy (it is Pride weekend after all) and heaving with short lesbians. Maybe it's a Scottish thing. None of them were really our scene.

So, we headed back to the relative comfort and familiarity or Revolver. After the crawl it had managed to regain some of it's earlier charm.