Spring cleaning one's life is fabulous. I can enthusiastically recommend it.

Im moving to Buenos Aires for the next nine months and getting ready for that involves a lot of personal administration and efficiencies. The past few weeks have involved winding down a substantial chunk of my London life, all geared towards making me more agile, less cluttered and most importantly cheaper to sustain. Ive been known to be quite expensive in the past.

Ive sold my scooter on Ebay, converted my mobile to Pay As You Go, closed surplus bank accounts and credit cards, put my flat up for rent and am moving all my possessions into storage. Packing everything up is a profound and liberating experience and winding everything up is too. Planning ahead and being ruthless is everything.

Its like flying. Either you can wiz through the airport, pre printed boarding card in hand and only the lightest super-efficient Mandarina Duck cabin luggage to slow you down. Or you can travel with 10kg hand luggage (£10 from Poundland, no wheels), a bag from WH SMITH weighed down with magazines, nowhere to store your passport and frankly a stressful time. From now on my entire life is going to be the former. As soon as I complete my preparations, Ill be a lean mean agile travelling machine.

I leave for Buenos Aires on 5 September and am planning at least 6 months there, possibly more. Come back and find out more about this little adventure.


Chris said…
weighed down with a WH smit bag full of magazines - now who would do that?