Research! Research! Research!

I'm getting mildly hysterical. I have approximately 6 weeks of work left and can barely control myself. We're getting close. The "saving" is coming along okay (marginally better than I had hoped touch wood), the flat is rented (our stuff goes into storage tomorrow). At the risk of jinxing it, I don't think we can stop now. We're going to BA! It is still 8 weeks until we go, imagine what I'll be like in 8 weeks.

Anyway, a major contributor to my heightened sense of excitement is the research I've been doing. At the moment I'm spending hours scouring the internet and reading the blogs to find out as much as I can about the city. The blogs vary in quality dramatically, but for all the frivolous and tired ones there are superb insightful and considered writers. I guess the mad exodus to BA from the states in the early 00's and the relatively good connectivity of the city has helped create quite an active and verbal (they're mostly American) online publishing community.

While reading all these contributions I'm always coming across things that I really want to check out when we get there and sites that I'm sure will mean more once I'm in the country. I need a system. With the wealth of online utilities available, I should be able to manage some sort of organisation. Here's the plan:

Google Reader
a godsend. Helps me sort through the bazillion postings to find those gems, quickly. Also helps with my other blog too.

I've tried many times to get "into" this utility. In theory it should work wonders but in my experience so far, it hasn't quite delivered. I think the problem may be my lazy attitude to tagging.

Google Docs - These are sites or posts that contain information that I want to do something with once I
'm in BA. That way I can "manage" the list. My list of things to do

I'll also try to use the list tools built into Blogger. Any tips, I'd be happy to hear.