Plenty to keep me busy

Packing up our house. It is a funny exercise. I was packing up part of the kitchen during the week. Carefully ensuring I kept two plates, two glasses, two sets of cutlery etc to use for the last week. Then I got to the champagne flutes. For some reason I hesitated, contemplating how many champagne flutes I am likely to need all at once in the next 5 days. The answer is obviously none, but I did pause to consider what that meant AND what the pause meant.

We have lots of champagne flutes and we only use them about twice a year. But somehow the hysical acknowledgement of that reality was jarring. Surely I have the kind of life where I might be serving champagne to hoards or adoring friends at any moment! Alas the reality is quite different and if it isn't, we'll be serving it from plastic cups for the foreseeable future.

ZoneTag Photo Saturday 8:37 am 7/26/08 London,


I have so much to do. This is our last weekend in our London flat. We have to have moved out by Thursday so that the new tenants can move in on Friday! Yikes. Chris is driving up to Wales to take Charlie (the cat) who is going to live with Auntie Mary. He's a big old bruiser of a cat and quite old now (13). Hopefully he'll find the trip and his new life bearable if not fun. He loved it hen we moved to Oval from Acton so one can only hope he feels the same about moving to rural

While Chris is delivering Charlie, I'm charged with finishing the packing. We though most of our stuff had already gone to storage but we seem to be generating more and more boxes than I could ever have imagined. Today and tomorrow are the only times we have to get EVERYTHING ready to go... all the plates, glasses, books etc.

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