Making new friends, in advance

So I'm determined that during my time in Buenos Aires I am going to
make as many local friends as possible and I've already started the
campaign. Not being the most outgoing person I think it will be very
important to make that extra effort.

I've been introduced (via email) to a couple of people living there
and have struck up email conversations with them. Problem is that I'm
kind of running out of things to say to them. Every email I have to
try that little bit harder to keep the conversation going. I guess we
haven't yet found the things that we might have in common. I'm going
to keep trying though and hopefully things will get easier.

I've been reading quite a few blogs written by people living in BA,
mostly written by American expats who have moved there to take
advantage of the cheaper living and higher quality of life. I get the
feeling that infiltrating the expat scene won't be too difficult but
I'm not sure if that is where I want to place my effort. I'd like to
meet and befriend Argentines.