Life as a nomad

Tonight is my LAST night in my flat. Tomorrow we are moving in with our friends, Philip and Anne, a week later, in with Jason and then one more week with Fiona. After that, we're spending a week in Scotland before jetting off.

It's going to be a hectic couple of weeks, so many things planned:

Madonna in Cardiff
Office leaving drinks
Leaving Party
Joan Rivers
Dinner with Gideon and Mark
Vlad's birthday drinks
Tranny Olympics (don't ask)
Dinner at the spectacular Richard H's house (preceded by cocktail @ The Casa)

Actually, when you write it down it doesn't seem so bad. Sounds like fun, albeit shamefully camp.

I am so bored of constant admin at the moment, once we've moved out I'm hoping things will calm down and I'll be able to socialise and relax again. I guess, the constant domestic chores has meant I haven't spent too much money... save save save.