A Leaving Party

Nothing like a little party to cheer one up. We hadn't really thought too much about a leaving doo but it seems a crime not to have one. So we're going reliable and having a few drinkie poos at The Friendly Society on Sunday 24 August. The 25th is a Bank Holiday so seems quite a good night to go out. I suspect that quite a few folk will be away for the bank holiday, but not to worry. As long as we get the core group there. Here's the invite and the email.


As you know, Chris and I are going to Argentina in September and will be out of the UK for 9 months.
Sounds to me like the perfect excuse for a little knees up. Please join us. Invite attached.

What: Nothing fancy. Reliable and "traditional" - a few drinkie poos.

Where: The Friendly Society in London's Soho

When: Sunday 24 August 2008, 19.00 (Monday is a bank holiday)

Hope you can make it.