Keep the comments coming

I was delighted by the recent comments made on this blog in response
to my post about renationalisation. I'm learning a lot about how all
this works and it certainly seems that the more opinionated posts
generate the most interest.

It's not hard to imagine why. Me bleeting out about the minute details
of my life is not that interesting, I can hardly bring myself to read
it! Whereas the opinionated ramblings... well they give one more to
get a hold of. I am delighted that people take the time to read the
blog and to comment so please keep it coming. I don't expect everyone
to agree with me but am passionate about the debate.

My intention when I'm in BA is to give this blog more of a focus. I'll
continue with the narrative pieces (more for my sake as a log really)
but also intend to offer opinion and to start publishing my
photographs in a more structured way. I need to give it some more
thought about how that will work and will write more about that in due