Flat Rented!


We have found a tenant to rent our London flat while we are in Buenos Aires. It was quite a simple process although very interesting. Initially we went with Sherton Law down in Clapham, who seemed very nice and professional. At the same time Chris was in conversation with
Ludlow Thompson although we hadn't told them to list the flat.

Sheraton Law had suggested a rental price of 380 pounds per week, whereas Ludlow were suggesting we should go for 450. We asked Sheraton to list it at 410. After two weeks, Sheraton had only managed to show the flat twice! I'm not sure if it was the fact that they are so much
smaller or that the pictures they posted on their website were so blurry and over exposed but I would have expected a little more interest.

So then, we asked Ludlow to list it. Within 4 days they'd show 5 people around and 3 days later we had two offers on the table, one at 440 and the other at 450! And while this was going on, the lady from Sheraton was suggesting we need to lower the price!

It amazes me that two agents can have such different views on the market and can perform so differently. It's staggering. To be fair, Ludlow are much bigger and do seem far more cut throat (more of the Foxtons mould) but as a new landlord I just need the flat rented.

So, now we need to find somewhere to stay in August!