Guido's Bar

We went for dinner last night - there's a shock. This time it was with the lovely Robin and John from the US. They also brought their friend, Candice, who was a delight. Sadly Robin and John are leaving BsAs next week so it was good to see them. We went to Guido's Bar, which is remarkably close to where live. It's on Republica de India. Despite it's proximity we were late.

Foolishly we left the house woefully unprepared for finding a new restaurant. We wandered around and around the botanical gardens. I had thought a quick glimpse at google maps would have been enough information to find it... it wasn't. Anyway, we were 1/2 an hour late... which is bad.

Despite the bumpy start, we had a great time. It's a set menu arrangement, where you pay 90 pesos and they bring you loads of different foods. Quite handy if you find the pressure of deciding too much. It was fun.

Afterwards we went to a bar down the street and had a few beers. Heading home at around 3! Where does the time go?