Sleepless nights

It's been another sleepless night. I've had quite a few lately. I'm not sure what's causing it but no matter what I seem to find something to keep me awake. Last night it was the saga of my SIM card*. Now, these things are not that important so I know that it's not actually them wreaking havoc with my sleep patterns. I need to work out what it is, I don't plan to spend the next 9 months half asleep during the day and half awake all night (unless I'm sipping cocktails)!

* SIM CARD SAGA : (it's a dull story).
I have been rather well planned for this trip. I called Orange and requested that they convert my pay monthly phone to PAYG, so I can keep my number but not have a monthly bill. Then, when I get back to the UK I'll still have the same mobile number and also would be able to redirect people to my Skype number via my voicemail message. For some inexplicable reason this requires registering a new SIM card. Orange sent out the card and I kept it safe for 6 weeks. Last week I asked them to cancel my monthly account and activate the new card. This took a whole day! During which time anyone trying to call me would get a "number no longer valid" message! Why it takes 24 hours, I'll never know.

At a similar time I dropped off my phone at a mobile phone shop in Glasgow centre to have it unlocked. I removed the new PAYG SIM card and brought it home. Then I lost it. Well, I don't know how it got lost, I left it on the table, went to Edinburgh for one night came back and it was gone! We looked high and low and couldn't find it. So I've had to request a new one from Orange. To do this they have to cancel the old one, so back to the "number no longer valid" message and a race against time to get the new SIM. They reckon 3 working days! I don't have that much time. Anyway, I'm *hoping* it arrives today so I can activate it before I leave the country. They are sending it to Richy's house.

What a palaver and a pain in the ass. This week I have LOADS of people to call and speak to and not having a phone is a royal pain in the ass! Incidentally, when CMC converted from Contract to PAYG on Vodafone they did it on the date he requested without any SIM faffing! I'm beginning to wonder if my loyalty to Orange is less than deserved.


Justin said…
Possum -

If Vodafone can do it seamlessly then so can Orange. How very annoying to have to worry about this kind of thing at the last minute.