We're in Frankfurt, en route to BA. Last night was fun, we met at the Green Carnation in Soho for cocktails. I met Rhonagh at 17.00 and the rest arrived at around 18.00. Then we went to see Joan Rivers. I was quite impressed by how many people came to the Carnation at least to say goodbye. Sandra, Rhonagh, Evelyn, Anne, Fiona and Richy all made it. We then met Doug and Gary at the theatre.

Joan was great, totally self indulgent, but fascinating. Richy didn't like it.

After a few beers at the Ku Bar CMC and I foolishly decided on a curry on the way home! A bad idea that late at night. Waking up this morning was a struggle. Our cab picked us up from Jason's flat at 06.45 and we were at City Airport by 07.10 so a nice easy ride in. City Airport is tiny and so we were checked in and having breakfast before you could say "overpriced bacon". The flight was heaven, I snoozed, one of those really divine and satisfying cat naps. Heaven! I was knackered!

I hadn't expected it but some dude met us at the bottom of the plane steps when we arrived at Frankfurt. Apparently we were not required to take the bus to the terminal with all the other passengers, but were driven! That was fun.

Getting in Frankfurt was cheap and convenient. The train cost €3.60 and took about 15 mins, straight into the centre. How does London manage to get airport connections soooo wrong? Expensive and slow. Anyway, we're here and enjoying the hotels WiFi. CMC, Vlad and I took a quiet stroll earlier and are resting now before we go out for dinner later.