Flying from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires

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After all the fussing, planning and stressing, getting to BA was easy. Lufthansa were great and everything worked like clockwork. Between ariving at the First terminal and being checked in ready to go was about 5 minutes. Everything managed perfectly. Getting out of BA's EZE airport was similarly quick. We were in the car heading for the apartment within 30 minutes of touching down! The flight is long! It's the longest single flight I've ever been on but Lufthansa kept us fed and watered. Managed to snooze a bit but as it's daytime it wasn't that easy.

The food was excellent indeed, I had pumpkin goulash for dinner, lamb for lunch and that also served loads of intermediate bits and pieces, sort of mezze style food. Delicious. Spent most of the time watching episodes of Arrested Development that I'd preloaded onto my iPod. All in all a very relaxing flight and seamless transfers. I love it when a plan comes together.