Daily Pic 1 : First (early) morning in Buenos Aires

Here is my first photo taken in Buenos Aires. We arrived last night. It still feels a bit freaky, I have to confess. Not an anti climax but still doesn't feel quite real. Getting out of the airport was so efficient last night that we arrived at the apartment an hour before we were due. The apartment company were meeting us at 21.00. We spent an hour in a nearby coffee shop. I had cafe con leche, Chris and Vlad had cokes. While we were sitting there I was struck by how confident I was that we had made the right decision. This town is cool.

At 21.00 we met the company rep and were shown around our respective apartments. Vlad is actually not in the same building as we are, but in one just down road. The guy was in a bit of a hurry so kind of rushed us through the process, thankfully. Vlad's guy took over an hour!

As soon as we'd settled in, had a shower and gathered ourselves we headed out for a stroll. We wandered down Billinghurst (our street) and along Soler to El Salvador. Then we walked along El Salvador in Palermo Soho proper. We stopped at Mott, a restaurant we've been to before and have enjoyed. It was still stunning. We weren't very hungry, lots of food on the flight so we suck to light meals. CMC and I had chicken caesar. One thing that did strike me is the prices... first impressions - not as cheap as we'd though. I'm not sure if it's the weakened Pound or the high inflation rate in Argentina for the past year or a combination of both but things in the restaurant seemed almost at London prices! Yikes. I guess going to "fancy" restaurants will have to be a treat we enjoy occasionally. Not a worry though.

Woke up early this morning, despite the pitch black in our bedroom, thanks to the very effective shutters on the window! I think I'm going to enjoy that. We had a great sleep, really restful, despite our new neighbours having one hell of a party!

I got up at 07.00 and have slowly started to feel more comfortable with being here. I took this picture from our balcony.

Today should be an adventure, Supermercado first (with restaurant prices as high as they are, we need cheaper food!) and then I need to do some laundry, loving out of a suitcase has taken its toll.

I'll write more of my first impressions later.