Tax avoidance

Just spotted this piece on the Argentine Post about the Kirchners and their alleged tiny tax bill. It's fairly predictable... how can you preach wealth redistribution and still do everything you can to avoid paying tax yourself? It seems like their tax bill, mostly derived from private property ownership, is very small considering their personal fortune.

Redistribute the wealth as long as it's not mine. Admittedly I don't know enough of the background to the story but my temptation is to suspect it's true. Avoiding tax is what wealthy people do best, second only to rationalising doing it.

Blah blah, another rant. Frankly, the response to my last post of a similar nature was at times overwhelming. What I will say though is that (as was almost immediately clear once I started digging deeper), the Kirchners do seem quite capable of piling on the rhetoric about "social responsibility" but are perhaps not really living the dream.

It's a similar theme to my post about the idea of socially responsible capitalist and my struggling to understand how capitalist can ever be socially responsible. And that is not intended as a criticism or judgement. Capitalism has no intrinsic requirement to be so which is why I guess we all live in countries that are ideologically mixed. Next I'll post about kittens.